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Looking to adopt or rehome hermit crabs?

Hermit Crab Owners has been helping members of the Facebook group find homes for their crabs since 2014! Recently, some changes have occurred to the Facebook guidelines so we are unable to help through that platform. Now, we have moved the entire adoption process to the website! 

When a member wants to become an adopter, they must first fill out an adopter form which provides information about their crab care. Because we want crabs to go to the best homes, there is a specific set of criteria that must be met. You can see our checklist here. The team thoroughly reviews applications and either approves the adopter or provides feedback. Once approved, they become able to adopt through our website. 

If a member needs to rehome their crabs for any reason at all, we do not judge, we don't ask questions. You just need to fill out a rehoming form and we will blast an email to our available adopters and attempt to find a home for your crabs! 

We cannot guarantee that we will find a home for your crabs. It is always recommended to attempt to find a home by your own means as well.

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