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Hermit Crab Care

Hello and welcome to our website! On this page, you will find links to section of our up-coming E-book packed with all the information you need to know about land hermit crabs. Each link will bring you to a Google Documents page with the corresponding information. If there is no link, those chapters are currently being worked on.

Care Information:

Chapter One - Land Hermit Crab Care Guide 

Chapter Two - Aussie Hermit Crab Care Guide 

Chapter Three - Exotic Hermit Crab Care Guide 

Chapter Four - Identifying Your Hermit Crab Species

Chapter Five - Hermit Crab Sizing Chart 

Chapter Six - Heating Your Crabitat 

Chapter Seven - Humidity and Humidity Issues 

Chapter Eight - Hygrometer Calibration 

Chapter Nine - Substrate Details & Importance 

Chapter Ten - Safe Foods, Leaves, Flowers & Woods Lists 

Chapter Eleven - Unsafe Foods, Leaves, Flowers & Woods Lists 

Chapter Twelve - Why Hermit Crab Pellets Are Toxic 

Chapter Thirteen - Everything About Shells 

Chapter Fourteen - Pro-tips

Chapter Fifteen - False Bottom Guide 

Chapter Sixteen - How to Remove Bottom Glass from Tank for a Topper 

Chapter Seventeen - Hermit Crab Emergencies 

Chapter Eighteen - Moving With Hermit Crabs 

Chapter Nineteen - Severe Weather/Power Outage 

Chapter Twenty - Natural Disaster Guide

Chapter Twenty One - Why Not To Handle Your Hermit Crabs

Chapter Twenty Two - Bacterial Blooms - Finding and Preventing Them

Chapter Twenty Three - Is My Crab Molting?

Chapter Twenty Four - All About Water

Chapter Twenty Five - Insects (Harmless & Harmful)

Miscellaneous Information -

Group Abbreviations

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Shop Concern Email Template (USA)

Pet Shop Concern Email Template (Aussie)

Stocking Guidelines

THE PPDS (Post Purchase Death Syndrome) Method

Marine Hermit Crabs (Setting up a Tank)

Marine Hermit Crab Help: What to do if you took one home from the beach

Isopods Care

HCO Approved Swap Sellers & Shops

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