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How It All Started ...


On May 15th, 2013, Hermit Crab Owners was founded by Kathleen Ferris and later Co-owned with Lacey Ann in 2014. They dreamed of creating a world in which hermit crabs no longer had to suffer – due to the spread of misinformation from shell shops, pet stores, and other non-research based groups – and also a group where drama and hate were not allowed. Kathleen wanted Hermit Crab Owners to be about education, not attacking new owners that had been misinformed. With nothing to gain, they began in-depth research of the land hermit crab’s needs: soil samples and climate from their natural habitat, anatomy, diet, and much more. With this knowledge, they aimed to educate as many people as possible. The Facebook group grew faster than expected as people reached out for an educational hermit crab group; in response, they added to their team and family to help with the massive project. As of today, our admod team includes the following people – who are all tirelessly continuing to update the care guides as new information becomes available:

Co-Owner Kathleen (Kitty) Ferris • Co-Owner Lacey Ann  • Admin Christine Ann • Admin Iris Ries • Admin Jeni Kingston  • Admin Kylie Palm • Admin Miranda Johnson • Admin Ashley Snyder  • Admin Norma Martinez • Admin Michelle Burdick

•Moderator Jenna Baum (Rest In Peace Jenna) • Moderator Leanne Shumaker   

• Moderator Alexis Smith • Moderator Heather Patterson 

Written by Iris Ries

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